Tamil News | Urge to set up SBI bank branch in Paramathi

Tamil News |  Urge to set up SBI bank branch in Paramathi
Karur: Government employees and pensioners have demanded that SBI bank branch should be set up in Paramathi area of ​​Karur district.
Paramathi is located on the Karur-Coimbatore National Highway. Various offices including Union Office, Private Colleges, Industries, Crushers, Assistant Primary Education Office are functioning here. More than 20 panchayat areas under this union are State Bank customers.
However, there is no SBI bank branch in the surrounding areas of K. Paramathi. They are 10 km away from Tenil
Or, one has to go to the SBI bank branch at Karur, 20 km away. Thus, government employees,
Pensioners and old age pensioners are suffering a lot.
Regarding this, the pensioners said: There are SBI bank branches in Thenilai, Chinnadharapuram and Karvazi. But this bank does not have a branch in the important town of Paramathi. This causes confusion and waste of time. Therefore, SBI branch should be set up in K. Paramathi.
This is what they said.

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