Tamil News | Who leaks strategies? BJP members in the investigation ring!

Tamil News |  Who leaks strategies?  BJP members in the investigation ring!
CHENNAI: An investigation is going on in the Tamil Nadu BJP as to how the strategies communicated by the Delhi Highness to the party development and to face the Lok Sabha elections can be leaked to the ADMK, DMK. In Tamil Nadu, the BJP leadership is planning to contest 15 constituencies and win 10.

For this, the party has started election work including the identification of winnable constituencies and formation of ‘booth’ committee.

The strategies for defeating the DMK and its allied parties are formulated and the party leaders are informed from time to time to the Tamil Nadu BJP executives.

Meanwhile, there is a constant clash of opinions between the supporters of Palaniswami of ADMK and the supporters of Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai.

However, some BJP functionaries are in secret touch with ADMK and former ministers. Similarly, some members of the party are also friendly with DMK ministers.

They are planning to win with the support of ADMK and getting ‘seats’ in BJP. People connected with DMK are taking government contract work.

As Annamalai is currently engaged in the Karnataka election process, BJP executives are very close to DMK and ADMK.

They are leaking strategies from the Delhi top to grow the party and face the elections. This information has gone to the top.

The BJP top brass has started monitoring who they are through the Central Intelligence Agency.


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