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A famous serial actress has said in a video that her wedding was planned in a hurry and she didn’t even have time to sew a blouse and she couldn’t even invite her friends.

Actor Nakshatra played the character of Vanilla in the TV serial ‘Yaradi Nee Mohini’ aired on Zee TV. He is currently acting in a serial called ‘Valli Variwan’. It was said that there was love between him and Vishwa, who works in the serial, and after this they will get married soon.

In this situation, it was said that Nakshatra has secretly married her lover Vishwa without anyone knowing, Nakshatra has given an explanation about this through a video.

She said that she was growing up in her grandpa’s house and it was decided to get married on the same day as grandpa suddenly fell ill and wanted to see my marriage, I didn’t even have time to sew a blouse and couldn’t even call my close friends. It is said that the Vishwa-Nakshatra marriage took place in the Kulatheivam temple in the midst of family members.

In this situation, some people are saying that Nakshatra is under the control of Vishwa and that Vishwa threatened Nakshatra to get married, Nakshatra has released this video to explain it.


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