Tanks and international aid arrive for Ukraine

Tanks and international aid arrive for Ukraine

While Ukraine keep raising your hand asking for international help the war continues. There is a month to go until one year has passed since the war began.

Late in the afternoon of this Tuesday, the stars have begun to align and Germany has given the green light to send its tanks to the army of the country presided over by Volodimir Zelensky. Aid does not come alone: ​​the United States is also in.

The reporter Ricardo Mir De Francia helps us understand the day to day of the war.

The importance of tanks

Several countries around the world were pending whether or not Germany would end up approving the shipment of the Leopards, which, as a manufacturer, also maintained the power to veto their export to third countries and also stop shipments to Ukraine.

But what does the arrival of Leopards imply? First of all, it is a great help to Ukraine, since the war vehicle is one of the best military supports of the West. German defense company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has manufactured more than 3500 tanks ‘Leopard 2’ since production began in 1978.

Specifically, the tank weighs more than 60 tonshas a smoothbore barrel (inside the barrel of a gun) of 120 mm and can hit targets at a distance of up to five kilometers. Tank gun millimeters refer to the inside diameter of the tube (or shell), a 120mm gun fires a 120mm cylindrical projectile diameter.

Thus, it is a weapons prodigy that only 20 nations have, including Canada, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

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