Taranto, disabled person molested for 2 years. No of the investigating judge at the arrest of the drivers

The prosecutor asked for house arrest. The investigating judge, on the other hand, left them all free. These are eight drivers accused of molesting a disabled girl in Taranto. “Amat Spa will take all the necessary measures for its own protection, continuing to ensure the regular continuation of its activities”. Thus, the urban public transport company of the Municipality of Taranto intervened in the case of the 8 employees, all drivers, accused of sexual violence against a disabled 20-year-old girl from Taranto on board the buses.

“Disabled person molested on the bus, hell two years long”

The 8, investigated by the judiciary, were joined by a provision of the investigating judge of Taranto, Francesco Maccagnano, which prohibits them from approaching both the girl and her boyfriend (the prosecutor had instead asked for house arrest). In fact, it was her boyfriend who convinced her to file a complaint with the Carabinieri. Amat claims to have learned from the media of the “very serious conduct that would involve some drivers”. Hell, according to reports from La Stampa, would last for two years.

“Disabled person harassed on the bus, the drivers closed the doors to keep her from getting off”

“The facts represented are dismayed, aggravated by the fact that they would have been put in place during public service, which, on the other hand, is exercised daily by the many employees who ensure the utmost commitment with seriousness and a sense of duty” adds Amat. The eight drivers are held responsible for sexual violence with the aggravating circumstances of having acted on a person subject to limitations of personal freedom (because almost always the place of the violence were bus lines where the drivers closed the doors to prevent the victim from getting off) and for having committed the crime in the capacity of public service officers. Finally, according to the investigating judge Maccagnano, the drivers were aware of the girl’s condition of “fragility”.


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