Tariff shield: the government will have to pay an additional 6 billion euros

The bill is getting heavier for the government. The Senate approved on Friday an amendment to the 2023 draft budget which increases the planned cost of energy tariff shields by six billion euros, in order to cover in particular additional buildings, but which will be compensated according to Bercy. The senators complained about the late tabling of this amendment within the framework of the examination of the appropriations for ecology. “It is not acceptable,” lamented the elected LR Jean-François Husson. “We are condemned to trust you,” added the rapporteur Christine Lavarde, from the same party.

Of the six billion, two are intended for “collective housing structures” not yet affected by the shield, i.e. “Ehpads, autonomy residences, gendarmerie barracks, diffuse housing for collective structures”, specifies the text of the amendment adopted by a show of hands. They must also respond to “the extension, by a decree being drafted, of the electricity tariff shield to all collective housing for the heating of common areas”.

A shortfall to fill in the renewable energy sector

The other part of the extension, i.e. three billion euros, is intended to make up for the shortfall in the renewable energy sector, following “early terminations of contracts at the initiative of producers since the summer of 2022 , and not known at the time of the filing” of the draft State budget for 2023. For years the State has supported these companies requiring heavy investment, but today some producers prefer to withdraw and break the purchase contracts at fixed prices guaranteed by the State.

Currently, as market prices are racing, some prefer to sell their production at the best price directly and leave the system so as not to have to pay money back to the State, which will cost the authorities three billion euros. public. “These breaches of contract will nevertheless make these producers liable for the contribution on inframarginal electricity rents, allowing the State to partially recover the corresponding sums in the form of tax revenue”, specifies the amendment.

This amendment “increases by 6 billion euros the net budgetary cost of the shields which was until now 15 billion euros”, specified the Ministry of Energy Transition. Questioned by AFP, Bercy specified that this additional cost would be “compensated in view of the upward revaluation of the contribution on the inframarginal rents of electricians, i.e. from 7 to 11 billion”. This contribution is applied to electricity producers whose production costs are well below current market prices.


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