Tasmac employees under pressure for Diwali reward Dinamalar

Tasmac shop workers are disturbed by gangs demanding Diwali bounty due to the extra price of Dindigul liquor bottles. On the occasion of Diwali, letterpad party goers to local rowdies raid Tasmac shops for bounty. Due to their harassment, the shopkeepers have been forced to sell liquor at a higher price per bottle. Tasmac management also conducts a nominal survey and indirectly supports the sale of surcharges.

A Tasmac employee says, ‘Transport, cardboard box procurement staff, office staff, Kodoun staff, office security, ‘inton’ writers, letter pad party workers, day customers, inspection, local raiders, tobacconist journalists should be paid tribute in the name of Diwali reward. . Management refuses to know better. As a result, selling alcohol at a higher price becomes inevitable,” he said.

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