TASS: a fraud case was opened against the deputy head of the Ministry of Transport

A criminal case has been initiated against Deputy Minister of Transport Vladimir Tokarev under the article on fraud on an especially large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), TASS reports citing a law enforcement source.

“A criminal case has been initiated against Vladimir Tokarev under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud committed by an organized group or on an especially large scale). Searches were carried out at his place of residence. Investigations are ongoing with him. In the near future, a measure of restraint will be chosen for him, ”the source said.

Tokarev was detained the day before as a suspect. The case was initiated by the Department of Transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Central Federal District. According to the source of the agency, operational actions were also carried out by employees of the economic security service of the FSB of Russia.

Tokarev in the Ministry of Transport oversees rail transport. As Vedomosti reported, the criminal case against Tokarev may be related to the bankruptcy of Spetstransstroy. This is one of the largest contractors of Russian Railways, whose first deputy general director in 2016-2018. was Tokarev. Total in 2016–2019 Spetstransstroy and its subsidiary Transyuzhstroy received contracts from Russian Railways for more than 100 billion rubles. for the construction of the Eastern polygon.

In November 2021, RBC reported on searches in the structures of the ex-head of Spetstransstroy and the former deputy head of the Ministry of Construction, Yuri Reilyan. According to an RBC source close to law enforcement agencies, businessman Reilyan was detained at the end of October 2021, he is accused of fraud on an especially large scale. Later he was arrested and sent to Irkutsk for investigation. According to a Vedomosti source among rolling stock operators, Tokarev took leave until February, followed by his dismissal. In his place, the candidacy of the deputy director of the construction department of the government of the Russian Federation Valentin Ivanov was considered.

Tokarev was born in Belgorod, he is 44 years old. He is a graduate of the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, PhD in Economics. He became Deputy Minister of Transport on November 22, 2018. In particular, while in this position in 2020–2021, he headed the Federal Agency for Railway Transport. Prior to that, in 2016-2018. was the first deputy general director of Spetstransstroy, in 2014-2016. held senior positions in RusHydro.


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