tata motors launches new truck series: here’s what you need to know

Tata Motors Limited is India’s largest commercial automobile manufacturer. The company is known for its high quality commercial vehicles.

It is a company that has the best advanced technological facilities and service facilities required by the customers. This is why this company has adopted the philosophy of ‘Connecting Aspirations’.

The company has been constantly improving the vehicles it sells since its inception. It is also introducing brand new vehicles with new technology and capabilities.

With these new vehicles, customers get a safer, smarter and better driving experience than ever before.

Details on the most awaited Tata Trucks
Recently, the largest automobile company has introduced 7 new models in the Intermediate & Light Commercial Vehicle (I&LCV) range of trucks and 5 new trucks running on CNG fuel for the first time in India in the Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle (M&HCV) segment.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) in these vehicles. This makes these trucks the best in the segment with the best safety features and better collision avoidance capabilities.

These new advanced features can be found one after the other.

New I&LCV models
In this list, 7 new Tata truck models have been introduced in the I&LCV segment with excellent performance required by the cargo transport and construction companies.

LPT 709g XD, 5 sq Ft It has a longer footprint and 10% more fuel efficiency.

SK 710 tipsthe most promising SFC consists of 4 M^3 bodies constructed in flat form.

UltraT.12ghas a very confident 3.8 liter SGI turbocharged engine.

Ultra K.14,
Excellent luxury cabin with air condition and best 37% high quality vehicle.

LPT 1512g, 10% Has high capacity and excess CNG capacity.

Ultra T.16 Cxfeaturing the already proven 3.3 liter engine and a luxurious cabin.

LPK 610, The H2LS features a short stopping distance for increased ground clearance and better braking performance.

Newly introduced CNG fueled M&HCV trucks

Following on from Tata’s already successful CNG range of SCVs, I&LCVs and buses, Tata Motors has launched India’s first CNG M&HCV brand new Signa CNG truck.

This eco-friendly CNG truck comes with a wide range of wheelbase and length load platform options to personalize its interior comfort with 20ft to 32ft cowl options for 19 tonne models and 24ft and 32ft cowl options for 28 tonne models.

The Signa CNG model features a 1000 km driving range, excellent connectivity options, a 5.7-litre SGI engine with 180 BHP of power and 650NM of torque.

It has two vents for quick refueling. With the most fuel efficient engine in the segment, the cost to owners is very low.

It has high durability and low operating maintenance cost which makes it highly profitable.

Common facilities available are M&HCV and I&LCV model trucks
These new Tata Motors trucks feature a clean alternative fuel capable powertrain.

Directly helping to ensure proper maintenance and longevity of these vehicles Sampoorna Seva The scheme offers auto insurance, no-fault accident repair, extended warranty and many additional services.

These types of trucks are available in a variety of body options. It is available in models like tipper type, tanker, bulker, trailer, full load body. These trucks are used to carry a wide variety of cargo and for a variety of jobs.

These trucks are used for many jobs like agriculture, cement, steel and egg, container, vehicle loading, petrol and chemical products, water tanker, LPG, FMCG, construction works, mining.

Advanced features in Prima and Signa models
The new Prima and Signa models feature a 7-inch advanced HMI touch screen with additional connectivity options, new instrument cluster, switch panel, 3-spoke steering wheel with mount controls and Bluetooth.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) facility introduced for increased safety
The Prima and Signa models also feature a host of new safety features along with other features. The Prima is the flagship truck of the Tata Company.

Since its launch in 2010, this truck has been designed with added luxury features, style, safety, ergonomics and ease of use.

Currently, this new Prima truck is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance System called ADAS. It has emergency safety features like Collision Mitigation System, Lane Departure Warning system, Driver Monitoring System.

All these new safety technologies have been put to the test directly on Indian roads. Additional safety features include Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Tata Trucks- A pioneer in trust and safety
The latest updates and features in the company’s flagship models are aimed at providing its customers with the most advanced technology and safety while at the same time striving to create pollution-free skies.

Disclaimer:This article was created by Times Internet’s Spotlight team in support of Tata Motors.


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