Tax deadlines: how they change with the Sostegni bis

The calendar for paying taxes and installments

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With the Sostegni Bis Decree, there are important innovations in terms of tax deadlines. Here are the dates for taxpayers to keep in mind. 10 September: for VAT numbers to which synthetic reliability indices (Isa) or flat rate are applied. This is the deadline for paying the first advance on direct taxes, IRAP and additional taxes. For the payments of the Ter scrapping there are different brackets: until July 31, 2021 for the installments that are due on February 28, 2020 and March 31, 2020; by 31 August 2021 for installments due on 31 May 2020; by 30 September 2021 for installments due on 31 July 2020; by 31 October 2021 for installments due on 30 November 2020; by 30 November 2021 for installments due on 28 February, 31 March, 31 May and 31 July 2021. The balance of the Imu 2021 has instead been canceled for some categories. If in 2021, an eviction for arrears was suspended due to the covid emergency, the homeowners will not have to pay the IMU for the current year. The installments already paid by June 16th will be reimbursed. The block on tax bills has also been extended: the date is 31 August for the sending of about 60 million documents to taxpayers.

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