Teacher salaries: a first consultation meeting this Monday and conclusions by March

The consultation on the revaluation of the teaching profession started this Monday at the Ministry of Education with the trade unions. It must be concluded “between the end of February and the beginning of March”, according to Pap Ndiaye. “These exchanges relate to the remuneration of teachers, both the base remuneration, that which will apply to all teaching” and “the remuneration associated with the pact”, reminded the press the Minister of Education, at the outcome of the first consultation meeting.

Pap Ndiaye presented to the unions “a calendar which remains to be refined”. But “a series of meetings is planned in October, in November, with an interruption to allow time for the professional election campaign and a resumption in January to conclude at the end of February at the beginning of March, so that the increase in remuneration be effective from September 1, 2023, as we have committed to,” added Pap Ndiaye. The government has pledged that no teacher will earn less than 2,000 euros net per month at the start of the 2023 school year.

During this first meeting, the ministry announced to the unions “that the REP / REP + allowance would be extended to all staff who intervene in priority education and not only to AED (educational assistants)”, indicates a press release. of Unsa education. Words confirmed by the ministry.

For career purposes, “facilitate the transition to hors classe”

According to Sophie Vénétitay, secretary general of the Snes-FSU, “the minister broached the idea that for career purposes, it will be a question of facilitating the passage to the hors class and the exceptional class”. But, she warned, “be careful, it will have to benefit the greatest number”.

The consultation “will address all the issues related to the attractiveness of the teaching profession, but also to the improvement of the school to which this revaluation must contribute”, also underlined the ministry in a press release.

Pap Ndiaye thus attended on Monday a training seminar for academic teams aimed at supporting schools and establishments, within the framework of the National Council for Refoundation (CNR). The questions of attractiveness of the teaching profession are indeed linked to educational projects which could be set up in voluntary schools and for which the government has undertaken to release 500 million euros by 2027.

“Juries will be set up in each rectorate to evaluate the projects. From the spring of 2023, a first wave of projects will be funded for implementation in the fall of 2023,” said Pap Ndiaye.


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