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Sa body is made of metal and plastic, the face is ash gray. But when the Ameca robot opens its eyes and imitates a person’s facial expressions, the machine appears frighteningly alive.

At the technology fair CES (until 7.1.) In Las Vegas, manufacturers show how they imagine a future in which the machines are right among us. Here are the robots …

The gray-faced Ameca was developed by the British robotics company Engineered Arts. The goal was to build a robot that looks as human-like as possible. It will then serve as a development platform for other companies, who will then use this to design additional functions.

Visitors to CES marvel at Ameca, who can only move his arms but not his legs

Photo: Ethan Miller / AFP

17 motors work in Ameca’s head in order to be able to imitate different facial expressions. The robot can also move arms, shoulders and the upper body.

Manufacturer Engineered Arts estimates that it will be at least ten years before such a technological creature mingles with people.

The Beomni 1.0 robot is more reminiscent of an alien than a human – two antennas protrude from the head, the body appears to be wrapped in a futuristic spacesuit.

Manufacturer Beyond Imagination speaks of the world’s first fully functional all-purpose robot system. With its arms, the machine can lift objects weighing a maximum of 16 kilograms, and it moves on four wheels.

Teaser picture

The Beomni 1.0 robot is first remotely controlled by humans in order to learn tasks

Foto: Beyond Imagination

Beomni 1.0 is initially controlled by a human, who should learn his tasks over time thanks to artificial intelligence. It can then be used, for example, in the care and medical sector, in agriculture, production or logistics.

Samsung is also working on robots that will support people in their everyday lives in the future. At the CES 2022, the Koreans will show the “Samsung Bot i” and the “Samsung Bot Handy”.

Teaser picture

The robots “Samsung Bot Handy” (left) and “Samsung Bot i” will in future accompany and help people

Photo: Samsung

In the future, the “Bot i” will accompany people like a living being, support them in their daily tasks – for example during video conferences. The “bot mobile phone”, on the other hand, can recognize, grip and move objects and should help people around the house in the future.

Automobile manufacturer Hyundai, which took over robot developer Boston Dynamics last year, is presenting its vision of an automated future at CES. In the future, small self-driving robots could transport people in cities.

Teaser picture

Large and small autonomous robots on the streets – this is how Hyundai envisions the future

Photo: Hyundai Motor

Several of these small robots can dock together in a larger shuttle, for example for long journeys to another city. Once there, the smaller robots disconnect from the shuttle and bring the passengers to their destination.

Goods and orders could also be transported from one place to another in this way. However, Hyundai does not dare to predict how long humanity will have to wait for these helpers.

If you don’t want to wait, you can already get a robot from a tried and tested category such as vacuum cleaners into your home. For example, the manufacturer Roborock is showing the new “S7 MaxV Ultra” model in Las Vegas, which will be launched in April for 1399 euros.

Teaser picture

The vacuum and mopping robot “Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra” controls a docking station for emptying

Photo: Roborock

The combined vacuum and mopping robot automatically controls a docking station between cleaning cycles, where it can empty and clean itself. This should significantly reduce the maintenance effort for the robot.

And although it is similarly gray in color, the vacuum cleaner is nowhere near as terrifying as the human-like Ameca robot …



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