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Samsung is getting its new TVs ready for the Tiktok generation!

Shortly before the start of the technology fair CES in Las Vegas, the market leader presented a wall bracket for this year’s TV models that automatically rotates the television vertically. This means that smartphone videos that were recorded in vertical format can be displayed much larger than with the classic TV orientation.

Many users of video apps such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube have so far mainly watched the edgewise clips on their mobile devices instead of on the television. Two years ago, Samsung initially had the rotation function for smartphone videos on a single model, the “The Sero”, tried it out.

With the first CES announcements on Monday night, Samsung demonstrated the urge to absolutely want to keep up with the times. The new television models also have an app with which so-called NFT files can be viewed and traded.

The NFTs are something like certificates of authenticity, for example for digital works of art. After high prices at auctions, the NFTs experienced a boom in the past few months, which Samsung is now also planning to jump on.

With another new function, Samsung wants to integrate game streaming, in which the games run on servers in the network instead of on the users’ devices, directly into its televisions. Games are to be supported by Google’s Stadia service and Nvidia Geforce Now, among others.

Samsung’s redesigned televisions with micro-LED technology come in different sizes on the market

Photo: Samsung

In addition to these software innovations, Samsung announced new televisions with micro-LED technology. Last year the Koreans presented the first market-ready models with screen technology based on tiny LED lamps. Three versions now follow with sizes of 89, 101 and 110 inches.

The models of Samsung’s “Neo-QLED” television family, which were introduced last year, are also being redesigned. The devices, whose screens work with mini-LED technology, should provide even more brightness and better delimitation between light and dark image content. In addition, they automatically adjust the image brightness to the ambient light.



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