Technology news..Apple launches a new protection feature that informs you of trying to hack the iPhone..Telegram introduces 9 new features to compete with WhatsApp

“Sada El Balad” published a set of topics related to technology during the past hours, including news and reports on the latest technologies, we review the most prominent of them as follows:

Vivo announces an advanced phone with unique features .. iQOO 7 SE price and specifications

Inc revealed Vivo The Chinese company announced its first smartphone that works with the new MediaTek Dimensity 8200 processor, which is the iQOO Neo7 SE phone, which was announced during the launch event of the distinctive iQOO 11 series.

The American company, Apple, revealed new security features that are unparalleled within the iPhone, and these new features would make its products the most secure and protected on the market.

Encrypted messaging app got Telegramon a new update that carried with it many important and practical features of the application, which directly challenge the main competition, WhatsApp, including the feature of creating an account without a SIM card, which will save users from buying a new line and will allow them to hide their phone number from others.

Shocking news.. The expensive Samsung Galaxy S22 phone was hacked for the third time

Some contestants managed to hack a phone Samsung The expensive Galaxy S22, during the consumer-focused Pwn2Own 2022 hacking contest in Toronto, Canada.

The Chinese company, Vivo, revealed a new version of the Vivo Y35 phone, which comes within the (Y) series, which largely targets young users, as it offers a real value of specifications and settings at an acceptable price.

Update WhatsApp immediately.. Amazing changes to your device, including undoing the deletion

Release Whatsapp WhatsApp, a group of new features to enhance the user interface and privacy, which gives users more privacy tools and adds a new level of fun to conversations, here are the most prominent features that have been launched recently for iOS and Android users.

With great capabilities and a fabulous price… the best flagship phones from Xiaomi for the year 2022

Xiaomi’s portfolio witnessed a large group of smart phones during the year 2022, among the category of economic phones, flagships, and even devices with foldable screens, which include new and updated technologies, making Xiaomi phones among the best smart devices on the market.

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