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In the Omsk region arrested teenagers who killed a family of three. According to investigators, a 14-year-old schoolgirl persuaded her 17-year-old boyfriend to deal with her mother and stepfather, who were against their relationship, as well as with her sick younger sister, whom she did not want to take care of. On the night of January 22, the young man staged a real massacre. The girl, in order to set the investigation on a false trail, came up with a legend about an attack on the house of an unknown man and signs of the alleged killer for drawing up an identikit. For a day and a half, the police were looking for a non-existent criminal. Teenagers have already given confessions, confirming them in an investigative experiment.

Today, the Kuibyshevsky District Court of Omsk, at the request of the investigation, detained teenagers who had killed a family of three for two months in a pre-trial detention center. This was announced by the senior assistant to the head of the regional department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Larisa Boldinova.

On January 22, residents of the Omsk region were shocked by the crime that took place in the village of Yuryevka, Pavlogradsky district. A woman, her ten-year-old disabled daughter suffering from cerebral palsy, and a civil husband were brutally murdered in a private house. As law enforcement sources told Kommersant, experts counted at least a dozen stab wounds on the body of each victim, and the child’s eyes were gouged out. Investigators opened a case on the murder of three people (part 2 of article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The main suspects in the case were the 14-year-old daughter of the deceased woman Anna and her 17-year-old boyfriend Alexander, a student at a local college.

According to investigators, the schoolgirl persuaded her boyfriend to kill her mother and stepfather: adults objected to their romance, believing that Anna devotes more time to a young man than to studying.

The third victim was Anna’s ten-year-old sister, an invalid, whose care became a burden to her.

According to the reconstructed picture of the crime, late at night the schoolgirl opened the door to her boyfriend. With a slaughter knife, he killed sleeping adults, as well as a girl. When he left, the schoolgirl took her six-year-old brother and told the neighbors that an unknown person had broken into the house and killed her loved ones. Later, she came up with the signs of the alleged killer for the compilation of an identikit.

According to her, a man of 45-50 years of thin build, who was dressed in all black, dealt with her family. Among the special signs, she singled out the thick beard and deep wrinkles on the face of the attacker. For a day and a half, police officers conducted door-to-door detours and interviews of the villagers, looking for an unknown man.

However, later the investigators doubted the sincerity of the schoolgirl’s testimony. According to the department of the ICR, methodological assistance in the preparation and conduct of the re-interrogation of the schoolgirl was provided by forensic specialists from the Main Directorate of Criminalistics of the ICR, who arrived in the region on behalf of the head of the department Alexander Bastrykin.

During interrogation, the suspects confessed. They confirmed them at the crime scene during an investigative experiment.

The young man showed the place where he threw the knife and gave out bloody clothes. The material evidence was attached to the case file.

Investigators appealed to the court with a request to place the teenagers in custody. One of the arguments in favor of the arrest was that the suspects could hide from the investigation and the court. The prosecutor’s office considered the arguments of the petition convincing and substantiated and supported it. “In his conclusion, the prosecutor emphasized that the defendants in the case are suspected of committing a particularly serious crime, which caused a wide public outcry due to its increased danger and cruelty. The nature and circumstances of the deed, the measures taken to cover up the traces of the crime allow us to conclude that, being at large, they can influence a juvenile witness in order to change his incriminating testimony, ”said Dmitry Pavlenko, official representative of the Omsk Region Prosecutor’s Office.

Konstantin Voronov, Novosibirsk


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