Tel Aviv closed with gains; Adika jumped 14%, KadimaStem 8.5%

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Positive stock market lock. The Tel Aviv 35 Index closed up 0.6% and the Tel Aviv 90 Index climbed 0.5%. The trade turnover amounted to NIS 1.85 billion.

Sharp increases were recorded by Adika, KadimaStem, Mellern, Emet, Arena Group, Kamtek, Danya Cebus, Ormat and Nova.


Stock Olmed Solutions Drops by about 30% after the company announced today that Cardiovascular Systems (CSI), which acquired from it the manufacturing and marketing rights of the Wirion product for protection against embolism, will recover the product after complaints about the filter disintegrating within the patients’ arteries. Use of the product will be stopped immediately. The company has been marketing 697 units of the product since March, and has received nine complaints of disintegration, which could lead to blood clots and the need for further surgical intervention. The company will recycle all the products in this brand.

Brill drops by about 16% after the reports she published. On the other hand, Adika Style Notable for a 14% increase in high turnover.

Company Dan Hotels Reported a profit of NIS 25 million in the third quarter, compared with a profit of NIS 7 million in the corresponding quarter last year.


Trading in Tel Aviv continues to be positive, with increases of about 0.4% in the main indices. The trade turnover amounts to NIS 1.35 billion.

Holmes Place , Which operates a network of fitness and health clubs, reported today that the company’s revenues in the third quarter of this year amounted to NIS 101.7 million, an increase of 69% compared to revenues of NIS 60 million in the corresponding period in 2020. Bottom line, Holmes Place recorded a net profit of 5.1 million NIS in the third quarter, compared with a net loss of NIS 20.3 million in the corresponding period last year.


Trading in Tel Aviv continues to be positive, with increases of 0.3% -0.4% in the main indices. The trade turnover amounts to NIS 1.08 billion.

Ackerstein Group Jumps by 4% after announcing to the stock exchange the appointment of Ehud Danoch, who only yesterday resigned from his position as CEO of Solel Boneh of the Shikun VeBinui Group, as CEO of the operating company Ackerstein Industries. At the same time, stock Housing and Construction Loses 3.7% and is at the bottom of the Tel Aviv 35 index.

Also, while thatTruth , Adika Style andMelren Climb after posting quarterly results, not all reports are doing well: stock Brill Falling by 16% despite publishing positive reports with improvement in revenue and profit, Golf erasing 7%, Solgrin losing more than 4%, Nafta declining 3%.


Trading on the stock exchange continued in a positive trend, with the three largest indices rising by about 0.4%. The banks index is advancing almost 0.6%, and the high-tech index is up 1%. The oil index stands out against the trend with a decline of 0.2%, mainly due to a 3% decline in the stock Nafta . The trading turnover amounts to NIS 975 million.

TurboGen , Whose shares began trading in Tel Aviv yesterday and ended the trading day with a jump of 30%, continues for another positive day and jumps by 21%. .

Olmed Solutions Drops by 33% after reporting that this year it will not receive the consideration for the sale of the rights in its WIRION systems for protection against blood clots, particles and emboli formed during catheterization procedures and processes of opening and dilating blocked blood vessels – in light of product complaints that required the buyer to collect and notify Medical institutions cease to be used. The purchaser, Cardiovascular Systems, has notified the FDA regarding the collection of about 900 systems. “The purchaser was informed of nine cases of separation of the filter during its insertion into the collection catheter at the end of the operation,” the company said in a statement. Olmed noted that in light of the update, the receipt of the consideration for the transaction will not be completed during the second half of 2021.

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The slight increases in Tel Aviv continue. In the foreign exchange market, the dollar weakened by about 0.5% and traded around NIS 3.15 and the euro weakened by about 0.4% around NIS 3,537.

Doral Energy Reported this morning that revenues in the third quarter grew by about 90% and amounted to about NIS 37 million, compared to about NIS 19.5 million in the corresponding quarter last year. The adjusted cash flow profit – FFO – of the project corporations increased by 2% in the quarter and amounted to NIS 18.3 million, and the net loss in the quarter amounted to NIS 1.8 million, compared with a net profit of NIS 2.5 million in the corresponding quarter.

Prominent declines are recorded Housing and Construction , Biograph bonus , Jencel, Brill, Loden andgolf .

Madrog announced the raising of the Series A, C, D, Series A bond of Fattal Properties from A3 to A2, as well as the raising of the rating of B bonds from A3 to A1. The rating horizon is different from negative to stable. The increase in the rating is due to a reduction in uncertainty in the hotel industry, stability in income from identical assets, stability in FFO and a moderate decrease in financial debt.


The last trading day of this week opened with slight gains. The TA 35 index is up 0.3%, while the TA 90 is up 0.8%.

The Biomed Company KadimaStem Jumps after announcing the raising of NIS 10 million fromIlex Medical Through a private placement of shares. The raising was made at a price of NIS 4.26 per share (about 5% higher than the closing price on the eve of the board meeting). The company also announced that it would work to list its shares on NASDAQ.

Stock Brill Loses height despite growth in revenue and profits (see early update), Housing and Construction Decreases by about 2%. Yesterday it was revealed in Globes that the company is in advanced contacts with the Tax and Economics Prosecutor’s Office for the purpose of signing a plea agreement in the bribery case for foreign public employees in Africa. It appears that the company is willing to pay a huge sum of about NIS 200 million as a fine, in exchange for removing the attribution of the bribe clause to the company.

Medipower Reported a 50% increase in rental income in the third quarter, which totaled $ 9.2 million. Profit from rental property (NOI) totaled $ 6.6 million for the quarter, compared to $ 4.4 million for the same quarter last year. FFO totaled $ 2.85 million for the quarter, compared to $ 1.95 million last year.

Thorpez It was updated that following a fire that broke out last night in one of SDA’s three factories, heavy damage was done but there were no casualties. “In the company’s opinion, the fire is not expected to have a material effect on the results of operations. The company is working to transfer production to its other plants as well as to rapidly purchase raw materials in order to minimize damage to its flavors and customers in flavors and continue regular operations,” she said. “The equipment, inventory and structures located in the plant are insured including loss-making insurance.”

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More reports flowing to the stock exchange:

golf Reported an increase of only 2% in the group’s sales in the third quarter, which amounted to NIS 235 million. Revenues from the clothing sector jumped by 17% and amounted to NIS 83 million. The net profit attributable to shareholders in the third quarter amounted to NIS 8 million, compared with a profit of NIS 11 million in the corresponding quarter.

Melran Projects Reported that its credit portfolio grew in the third quarter to NIS 544 million – a sharp increase of 82% compared to the end of 2020 and an increase of over 17% compared to the previous quarter. Net financing income jumped by 113% in the quarter to NIS 17.3 million. Net profit for the quarter climbed by 137% to NIS 9.1 million.

Israel Shipyards Reported continued growth in the third quarter. Net profit increased by 41.3% to NIS 26.2 million, revenues amounted to NIS 234.6 million (an increase of 13.8% compared to the corresponding quarter).

True computing Reported a 15% increase in revenue in the quarter, which amounted to NIS 345 million. The net profit amounted to NIS 8.9 million, an increase of about 65% compared to the corresponding period last year.

Globrands Reported revenues (less purchase tax) of NIS 138 million, similar to the corresponding quarter last year. Revenues in the smoking products segment decreased to NIS 122 million (compared to NIS 125 million last year), while in the confectionery and snacks segment revenues increased slightly and amounted to NIS 16.6 million. Net income was NIS 17.4 million, compared to NIS 20.3 million in the corresponding quarter.


AfterMitronics Reported at the end of May that CEO Eyal Treiber is resigning, today she announced to the stock exchange that he has officially ended his term after 13 years in the company. The company announced the entry of Sharon Goldenberg into the position in place of Treiber.

Group Elco Reported that its revenues in the third quarter grew by 46% to NIS 4.21 billion. The net profit for the company’s shareholders in the quarter rose to NIS 133.8 million. The results are attributed among others toElectra Real Estate , Which recorded a sharp increase in its revenues and profits during the period.

partnership Ratio , Which owns 15% of the natural whale gas reservoir, reports record revenue in the third quarter, which totaled $ 81 million – a 34% increase over last year. The net profit for the quarter, excluding the accounting provision for deferred taxes, was $ 32 million, compared with $ 25 million in the corresponding quarter last year, an increase of about 30%.

The fashion group Brill , Which published reports last night, reported sales of NIS 126 million compared to NIS 111 million in the corresponding quarter last year and a net profit of NIS 5.5 million compared to a loss of NIS 1.8 million in the third quarter last year.


5 things to know before opening a trade

1. Expect a mixed opening

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The trading day will probably open with a mixed trend, in parallel with the trend in the Asian markets and after a mixed closing last night on the US stock exchanges.

Yesterday there were slight declines in the stock market lock. The Tel Aviv 35 Index retreated by about 0.4% and the Tel Aviv 90 Index closed down by about 0.6%. The trade turnover amounted to NIS 1.45 billion.

Yesterday after the end of the trade results were published Brill andMitronics , Today will publish, among other things, Doral Energy andSolgreen .

2. US stock markets on vacation; unemployment claims low

There will be no trading on Wall Street today for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, Black Friday, the US stock exchanges will work half a day and close at 20:00 Israel time. The futures contracts for tomorrow signal increases.

Due to the holiday today, bi-weekly macro data in the US were released yesterday, including data on initial unemployment benefit claims filed last week. The number of claims was about 199,000, the lowest level since 1969. Economists expected about 260,000 claims.

Also, from the minutes of a meeting of the Fed’s Open Markets Committee, published last night, it appears that committee members are considering accelerating the reduction of the quantitative easing program, against the background of rising inflation in the US. At the next meeting, to be held on 14-15 December, the committee will probably discuss a faster reduction in quantitative easing. The program is currently scheduled to be completed by mid-2022. The minutes also show that a number of members think that the early date of raising interest rates in the US should be discussed, if the rate of inflation does not fall and the high growth rate continues.

3. Mixed arbitrage gaps

Its main dual stocks are from the US stock markets with mixed arbitrage gaps, and a slight positive effect on the Tel Aviv 35 index is expected. Ofco Health Continue the momentum from yesterday and strengthen by about 2% as well Nova Will rise at a similar rate. Nice With a positive gap of 1%, Protelix With a high gap of 7.5%.

The shekel has lost ground against the dollar and the euro

The shekel weakened sharply against the currency basket yesterday after the rapid appreciation of the past month, and this morning there was relative stability in the foreign exchange market. This is a continuation of the slowdown in inflation ( Of a year.

The dollar jumped by 1.86% and its representative rate was set at NIS 3.168, after trading during the day today, the dollar jumped by 2.3% to NIS 3.18; The euro rose by 1.5% to a level of NIS 3,551; The pound rose by 1.8% and its representative rate was set at NIS 4,232.

Today, the dollar is trading steadily at NIS 3,148 and the euro is recording a minimal increase, trading at around NIS 3,525.

5. A mixed trend in Asia, stability in the crypto market

Trading on the Asian stock markets is taking place this morning in a mixed trend, with the Nikkei index in Tokyo and the Hang Seng index recording slight increases, but in Shanghai the index is stable and in Shenzhen there is a weakness.

The crypto market is stable, with only slight ups and downs. Bitcoin is trading up 1% for $ 57.1 thousand, the ether is stable around $ 4,277.

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