Tel Aviv inside? These are the 10 best cities in the world to live

Vienna (Instagram photo)

While the cost of living in Israel continues to rise and many Israelis are already staring abroad, the question is which city in the world is considered the best for its residents? Various parameters of stability, health, culture, education, infrastructure and the environment

Whoever returns to first place for the first time in three years is none other than Vienna. The Austrian capital overtook New Zealand in the rankings, due to air pollution suffered by residents of the country and the city in particular, which lowered it to 34th place in the world rankings. Vienna, on the other hand, returns to the first place it took in 2018 and 2019.

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“The fall of other cities during the Corona crisis was the reason Oakland was in first place last time. Were it not for the Corona epidemic, it would most likely have reached the top 10, but not number one,” he said. Simon BaptisteGlobal Chief Economist at the Research and Consulting Company.

Five other European cities on the list – Copenhagen (Denmark), Zurich, Geneva (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) – also reached the top ten. Canadian Calgary and Vancouver took third and fifth places respectively. The Japanese Osaka and the Australian Melbourne shared the tenth place – the only two “Asian” cities that reached the top ten.

1. Vienna, Austria (99.1)

2. Copenhagen, Denmark (98.0)

3. TIE – Zurich, Switzerland (96.3)

3. TIE – Calgary, Canada (96.3)

5. Vancouver, Canada (96.1)

6. Geneva, Switzerland (95.9)

7. Frankfurt, Germany (95.7)

7. Toronto, Canada (95.4)

9. Amsterdam, The Netherlands (95.3)

10. TIE – Osaka, Japan (95.1)

10. TIE – Melbourne, Australia (95.1)

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