Tel Aviv is the most expensive city in the world; Second are Paris and Singapore

by time news

Tel Aviv, Israel became the first city in the world to spend a fortune. The ranking is from the Economist Intelligence Unit. Tel Aviv’s progress has pushed Singapore and Paris into second place. Tel Aviv was fifth on the list last year.

Tel Aviv topped the list for the first time as the Israeli currency, the shekel, gained more value against the dollar, and as a result of Kovid restrictions, prices of daily necessities, transportation and real estate rose. The study points out that the lack of other metropolitan cities in Israel also contributes to the rising cost of living in Tel Aviv.

The list, comprising 173 cities in different countries, was published based on the cost of living in US dollars.

The war-torn Syrian capital, Damascus, is the city with the lowest cost of living. The Libyan capital, Tripoli, is second. Ahmedabad is the seventh cheapest city in Gujarat. Karachi is the sixth largest city in Pakistan.


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