Telefónica plans to close a hundred buildings in Spain

Telefónica plans to close a hundred buildings in Spain

2023-10-03 19:24:12

Telefónica plans to close a hundreds of buildings in Spain, as transmitted by the company to the workers’ representation during a meeting of the Intercompany Operations and Network Commission, held this Monday, the UGT headquarters reports in a statement. Specifically, the company has presented a rationalization plan which would affect a total of 108 work centers and 266 employees based on criteria of efficiency, organization and reduction of dispersion.

The company has confirmed that a “dialogue” has begun with the worker representatives to “advance the concentration of company employees,” according to a evolving scenario “marked by transformations such as the transition from copper to fiber networks, robotization and automation.” The initiative, according to the multinational, is aimed at low occupancy buildings Where do they work 15 or fewer employeeswhich will develop their activity in main buildings of the capital of its province and that they have a “reskilling” plan for their requalification if necessary.

The problem, according to the unions, is that in “certain cases” it will force movements at distances of up to 100 kilometers. Thus, the union has expressed its rejection of this forced mobility plan presented by the company and will analyze it “in order to study each case concrete, propose alternatives and try to agree on measures aimed at avoiding the change of residence and producing the least possible impact, such as, among others, the application of the new ways of workingthe commitment to relocation of activity rather than concentration or choice of other possible destination centers at the voluntariness of the affected workers”.

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“At UGT we are not oblivious to the reality that surrounds us and the transformation process that is taking place in the company. However, we must analyze each case, reviewing the existing activity in the localities and other possible destination centers or units beyond of the proposed provincial capitals, avoiding in any case unnecessary trips that produce a greater risk of accidents ‘in itinere’ and on mission,” the statement added.

Furthermore, they propose that the company “explore the mechanism of voluntariness, review the possibility of offering activity in the work residence of the affected people and implement all those improvements in the working conditions of the staff that avoid any damage caused by the closure of buildings.” “.

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