Telegram allowed Premium subscribers to block voice messages

Telegram messenger has released a paid subscription update. Premium users can now restrict the sending of voice and video messages. Telegram also allowed to give a subscription and use the new platform for creating emoji, according to the Durov Code Telegram channel. Meanwhile, Telegram creator Pavel Durov said that Apple has demanded that the animated versions of the standard Telemoji emoji be removed.

“Apple has come back to us with a demand to change the expected Telegram update by removing Telemoji, better vector animated versions of standard emoticons,” Mr. Durov said in his Telegram channel. He noted that this is good for Telegram in the long run, as Telemoji will become even more unique and recognizable.

Telegram launched a paid subscription in June 2022. It includes double limits in most features, no ads, and transcription of voice messages. The cost of a Telegram Premium subscription in the App Store as of June was 449 rubles.

Read more in the publication “Kommersant FM” “Telegram includes Premium mode.”

Maria Fedotova


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