The messenger app Telegram is increasingly becoming a news and trading platform for criminals! This is the result of an analysis by IT security experts from Cyberint together with the US newspaper “Financial Times”.

During their investigation, the Cyberint experts came across a growing network of criminal hackers who were offering stolen data in Telegram channels. According to this, some of these channels had tens of thousands of subscribers.

In many cases, the content offered was comparable to illegal offers on the so-called dark web, a hidden area of ​​the Internet that criminals have so far preferred to hang around. That seems to be changing rapidly at the moment!

Lately a doubling of the activity of cybercriminals at Telegram has been observed, the “Financial Times” quotes one of Cyberint’s IT security experts. Telegram’s encrypted service has become very popular for selling stolen data – because Messenger is much easier to use than the dark web.

Offers that advertise stolen email addresses including passwords have quadrupled in the past year and appeared a total of almost 3,400 times. In a channel with more than 47,000 subscribers, for example, criminals would have wanted to sell a package of 300,000 email addresses including passwords that they had stolen from video game platforms such as Minecraft.

Telegram shut down the channel at the end of last week after the Financial Times drew the operator’s attention to it.

Telegram said in a statement that personal data will be removed from the platform if it is disseminated without consent. Every day, more than 10,000 public channels are closed for violating the terms of use.


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