Telespazio, space support for Amazon

Telespazio’s spatial support for Amazon. Telespazio Germany, a subsidiary of Telespazio, will support the Amazon Web Services Ground Station through its cloud-based platform for space operations Enable. The joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%) is a member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network and the collaboration between Telespazio and the Amazon Group company will allow users to access a large network of satellite earth stations, simplified satellite management and numerous services for data processing, archiving and analysis.

“Let’s see one today strong convergence between the space sector and the cloud as companies and space agencies generate more and more data, from a multitude of sources. These are activities with significant costs because users often require ground stations in multiple parts of the world to download data when and where they need it, without having to wait for the satellite to pass over a certain position “explained Andrés Martínez, Sales Director Commercial Space by Telespazio Germany. Martìnez underlined that “the combination of Aws and the Enable services platform of Telespazio it will allow space start-ups to minimize the initial investment and thus free up resources to be allocated to the development of new applications “.

Aws Ground Stationin fact, it allows users to do the data downlink, efficiently control communications with satellites from different parts of the world, process data and carry out increasingly complex operations without having to build or manage their own ground infrastructures on a global scale. At the same time, Enable allows users to safely plan, manage and execute their mission in both space and aeronautics, ensuring flexibility and scalability for different needs. The combination of AWS and Telespazio services and technologies therefore allows, indicated the joint venture, an efficient and modular solution that allows users to rapidly transform large amounts of raw data into intelligence, collaborate and experiment with new applications, bring their services to market faster without having to manage large infrastructures.

“Traditionally, satellite companies had two big problems: investing large resources in the development of infrastructure to support missions and the impossibility of analyzing the data in a timely manner. Thanks to Aws and Telespazio, the companies can now access a comprehensive and comprehensive service for mission management, able to guarantee them the possibility of providing users with services and information more quickly and with lower costs “said Alessandro Baronio, Enable Product Manager of Telespazio Germany.

Utilizzando Aws Ground Station, Telespazio customers can immediately access AWS services, such as Amazon S3, useful for storing downloaded data; or Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, designed to manage satellite data, or Amazon SageMake, ideal for building customized machine learning applications that can be applied to a wide variety of data sets. Digantara and NuSpace will be among the first customers to use AWS on Telespazio’s Enable platform.

Specifically, Digantara is an Indian company that is launching a constellation of nanosatellites high resolution in orbit Leo-Low Earth Orbit to provide predictive Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services for satellite manufacturers, launchers, regulators, insurance companies and space defense forces. Anirudh Sharma, CEO of Digantara highlighted that the company must “continuously analyze huge amounts of SSA data, collected by our satellites, to provide tailor-made services to end users in every business segment, while ensuring the smooth functioning of our constellation. The combination of Telespazio and Aws Ground Station allows us to simplify many aspects of the management of the constellation and data analysis, since it brings the two activities back onto a single platform “.

NuSpace, on the other hand, is a spin-off of the National University of Singapore and works to supply through a constellation of nanosatellites services under development global IoT connectivity (Internet of Things) at affordable prices in areas of the planet with limited infrastructure. “Thanks to Telespazio’s experience in the space services sector and its Enable platform – said Zhen Ning, CEO of NuSpace – we will be able to effectively manage our future constellation of satellites and will be able to grow competitively”. Ning therefore assured that “the collaboration between Telespazio and AWS will allow us to further streamline operations, allowing us to manage our IoT connectivity service on a single platform. “” We are delighted with this partnership and are honored to be part of their ecosystem, “said the CEO.


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