Ten medals at the Olympics! – PT Usha #2005

APT Usha is like that!

The same determination in the legs, the same passion in the eyes, the same thirst for ambition in the chest! Even now his lips are muttering that he should win gold at the Olympics.

There is only one difference between the old Usha, India’s golden girl, and the new Usha now… She was an athlete before.

A trainer who is now creating fresh new storms!

Now Usha’s target is ‘London 2012’. Usha is working every day in Kozhikode, Kerala to send a strong athletic team to the Olympics to be held in London seven years from now. For that he wanders all over India looking for new disciples!

CHENNAI – We spoke to PT Usha who was looking for his angels among the tiny butterflies at the Nehru Stadium…

PT Usha with trainees

“eI have said many times when I was an athlete that I will buy gold in the Olympics for Nthiya. But, it could not be accomplished in the 84 ‘Los Angeles Olympics. I returned without winning even a bronze. That guilt kept pressing on me. Still the pain has not subsided. This new effort is to get rid of that. All I lost as a player was a medal. As a coach, I won’t leave without buying at least 10 medals!”


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