Ten regions with punctual Rt above 1 – First Floor

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 26 – Ten Regions / PPAA this week with a punctual Rt greater than 1, one of which, Basilicata, with a Rt with a lower limit higher than 1.26. compatible with a type 3 scenario. Molise – which requested the red zone – has a punctual Rt of 1.11 with an upper limit of 1.45. Of the other nine, five (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria) have a Rt in the lower limit compatible with a type 2 scenario. The other Regions / PPAA have an Rt compatible with a type one scenario. This was revealed by the draft of the weekly monitoring by Iss-Ministry of Health. Here is the region-by-region picture of the punctual RTs as indicated in the latest monitoring (report n.41) Iss-Ministry of Health (data data as of February 24 for the week 15-21 February): REGIONE RT PUNCTUAL Abruzzo 1.13 Basilicata 1.51 Calabria 1.01 Campania 1.04 ER 1.1 FVG 0.83 Lazio 0.94 Liguria 0.94 Lombardy 0.82 Marche 0.98 Molise 1.11 Piedmont 1.02 PA Bolzano 0.92 PA Trento 1.07 Puglia 0.95 Sardinia 0.68 Sicily 0.71 Tuscany 1.19 Umbria 1.07 Valle d’Aosta 0.94 Veneto 0.97. (HANDLE).


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