Tenandal Films Murali scam worth Rs 15 crore for giving foreign copyright to Rajini film …

21 January 2022, 05:32 PM

Dato ‘Abdul Malik is a businessman who licenses and releases Tamil films abroad through his company, Malik Streams Corporation, based in Malaysia. The company has released many films like Kabbali.

Murali Ramasamy, the owner of Tenandal Films, approached his company and convinced them that he had the copyright for Rajinikanth’s’ Raghava Lawrence’s’ Kanchana-3 ‘and Dhanush’s’ Nan Rudran’ and received Rs 30 crore from the company. At one point, it was revealed that he did not have the copyright to the film, and when Malik Streams Corporation inquired about it, Murali Ramasamy managed to repay Rs 15 crore. It was later revealed to the concerned company that he did not have the copyright of the films ‘Kansana-3’ and ‘I am Rudran’ and that he had fraudulently obtained money from them. When Murali subsequently asked Ramasamy, Malik refused to refund the money he had bought from Streams Corporation and responded with indifference. At one point he even threatened that you can do nothing in Tamil Nadu against me. In this situation, Tenandal Films has lodged a complaint with the police through Malik Streams Corporation, Chennai against Murali Ramasamy and a case of fraud has been registered against him. This issue is currently causing a great stir in the Tamil film industry.


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