Tenco plates: Patrizio Trampetti, Peppe Voltarelli and Canio Loguercio finalists in Sanremo

twelve o’clock, June 25, 2021 – 18:22

So much South at the prestigious award, on pole for the records in dialect “O Sud fesso” distributed with Corriere del Mezzogiorno

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The finalists of the Targhe Tenco 2021 were unveiled today, the highest award given since 1984 to the best Italian songwriting records released during the year (from 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021). Artists and record projects across the genres and voted by the largest jury in Italy made up of music journalists and music experts.

There are six sections: 4 reserved for songwriters (single song, absolute disc, disc in dialect, first work), one reserved for interpreters of songs that are not their own and one reserved for collective project albums, or compilations of various performers built on a explicit and declared theme able to unite all the songs, the recognition of which goes to the producer. In this first phase, the jury voted on the finalists of the six sections, the details of which are detailed below in alphabetical order. After the second vote, which will end on 5 July, the winner of each section will be announced. There are no candidates as the jurors vote freely according to what they heard during the year.

ABSOLUTE DISC: Samuele Bersani (Cinema Samuele); Caparezza (Exuvia); Iosonouncane (Ira); Pino Marino (Tilt); Motta (Simple).

Peppe Voltarelli
Peppe Voltarelli

SINGLE SONG: Francesca Incudine (Zinda); Iosonouncane (November); Canio Loguercio (We are preparing to the best) always published by Imilibri; Madame (Voice); Pino Marino (Calcutta).

PROJECT COLLECTIVE ALBUM: For example, we like Rino; Her Dem Amade Me – We are always ready, we are always ready; Music Against the Mafias: Sound Bocs Diary; Travel Notes – Vol 2: Nothing will happen to you; Author’s portraits: Bindi, Bassignano & Friends.

The Plaques will be delivered in the 2021 edition of the Review of the Song of the Author (Tenco Award), scheduled at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo.

The music of CorrMezz

In particular, Trampetti’s album, “O Sud fesso”, produced by Erasmo Treglia’s Finisterre, was released from May 5th with Corriere del Mezzogiorno. In the album there are also numerous guests: there is Ambrogio Sparagna who plays the accordion in “L’ora d’a controra”, Fausta Vetere in “Ammore”, the actors Gianfelice Imparato and Angelica Ippolito in “Villaggio Vomero”, together with guests of the mental rehabilitation facility that is part of the Spartaco cooperative of Santa Maria Capua Vetere. One of them, Marco Junior Dentale, composed a poem, “’O mare”, which Trampetti sang with some of them. The former NCCP is accompanied by Jenn Romano, Giovanni Sorvillo on tenor sax, Maurizio Lupoli on soprano sax, Cristiano Califano and Giampiero Bengivenga on guitar, Filippo Piccirillo on keyboards and Mirko Del Gaudio on drums.

June 25, 2021 | 18:22



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