Tens of millions and in an expedited procedure: the Ministry of Defense purchased armored vehicles from Pelsan

The IDF and the Ministry of Defense purchased in an expedited procedure 50 combat vehicles that are protected against gunfire, with the escalation in Judea and Samaria in the background and the vigilance of the security establishment for further deterioration on the ground.

The vehicles were purchased fromPelsen MKibbutz Sasa, which develops and manufactures armored vehicles and advanced protections. The purchased vehicles are available for immediate delivery and therefore it will be possible to integrate them into the ongoing operational activities of the IDF units throughout the West Bank.

The purchase of Bezeq was led by the Procurement Administration of the Ministry of Defense (Manhar), as part of an expedited tendering process, at the end of which Pelsan was selected as the supplier of the protected, “Sand Cat” type vehicles based on the Ford F-550 platform.

The Ministry of Defense does not specify the financial scope of the deal with Pelsan. According to estimates, the scope is about NIS 50 million. However, it is possible that the scope of the transaction will eventually be higher, since the agreement signed between the Ministry of Defense and Pelsan includes the provision of an extensive maintenance package for the vehicles.

The head of the Procurement Administration and Deputy Director at the Ministry of Defense, Avi Dadon, said that “the rapid procurement procedure brings important operational capability and an immediate response to the needs of the protected mobility of IDF soldiers.”


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