Terrible: The hair of a worker at the airport was caught in a conveyor belt and ripped out of place

Disturbing content: A young woman in her 20s, worked as a cargo unloader at the New Orleans airport in Louisiana. Last Tuesday, she was killed in a horrific work accident after her hair got caught in the cargo conveyor, while she was working to unload luggage from a Frontier Airlines plane that was landing at the time.

26-year-old Germani Thompson worked in the aircraft parking lot, the complex where operations such as unloading, loading, refueling and parking are conducted. The Daily Mail website reported that officials at the airport said that immediately after the incident, the employee was rushed to the hospital around 10:00 p.m., but died of her injuries shortly after. The airport management confirmed the details about the accident.

Thompson, later died of her injuries (photo: from Facebook)

A spokesman for Airline Ground Support, where the 26-year-old was employed, said: “We are heartbroken and support her family and friends as best we can.” Following the accident, the airline canceled one flight the morning after the incident, but the rest of the flights operated as planned, in accordance with the normal flight schedule. A spokesperson for the airline said: “We express our deepest condolences following the tragic death of the crew member at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.”

The airport management confirmed the details about the accident (Photo: EngImage)The airport management confirmed the details about the accident (Photo: EngImage)

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