Terrifying bacteria that killed children and amputated the limbs of a man, making him have a strange mouth

Britain is preoccupied these days with the promised match on Friday between England and Argentina in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, worried about terrifying bacteria that have killed 9 children so far, and made a Briton named Alex Lewis an amputee with swollen lips and a strange mouth, according to what we see in the two main pictures. , as shown in the video below.

The first thing that Alex Lewis, now 42, felt was that his health deteriorated in November 2013 in a way that made him think that he had what they called “man’s flu” when he moaned continuously for 10 days, then his condition began to deteriorate day after day, to the point where the limbs ended. , fighting for survival against a bacterium they discovered in it, known as Strep A, and another Briton did the same thing, except that it is more contagious and dangerous for children, because their immunity is less.

And among the symptoms that Alex felt recently, was severe pain accompanied by his skin turning purple, so an ambulance took him to a hospital, where his limbs stopped performing their functions, so the doctors provided him with what helped him to do them mechanically, according to what Al Arabiya.net summarizes, “what I read about him.” In a report published yesterday by the British newspaper “Daily Mirror”, in which it stated that doctors gave him a 3% chance of survival, after discovering that the inflammatory Strep A had infiltrated him without him realizing.

Among the dead.. Muhammad Ibrahim Ali

The injury led to a sore throat and blood poisoning, so he had to undergo a number of radical surgeries, with which he lost all his limbs, and then underwent a face reconstruction operation after the infection destroyed his entire mouth. Nevertheless, the father of two children managed to survive, but seeing many children die of the same infection brought back the memory of the media to him, who escaped his tragedy.

Among the dead children recently, a 5-year-old girl was receiving treatment at the Royal Belfast Hospital, and they took her to the intensive care room, where she died days after the death of a 4-year-old child, who appeared to be the son of an Arab family, because his name was Muhammad Ibrahim Ali. . A 12-year-old student in London, another 6-year-old, and 5 children, each under 5 years old, also died.


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