Terrorist Taliban commander shot dead in Afghanistan

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Kabul: Six people, including a Taliban commander and his son, were shot dead in Afghanistan yesterday. Thus the public is frozen in shock. Afghanistan has been plagued by various problems for the past few months. Only last year did Taliban forces regain power. Then there was a severe famine for several months. The Afghan people are facing serious difficulties as the world community is reluctant to recognize the Taliban organization.
Meanwhile, six people, including a Taliban commander and his son, were killed in a shooting in East Kunar province yesterday. According to the local news agency, a Taliban commander, his son and six others were shot dead in Narang district. Intelligence officials in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have confirmed this. Reported that people were killed due to personal animosity.

There was a powerful earthquake here the day before yesterday. It has been reported that 26 people were killed. The driver and a doctor were killed when Taliban operatives opened fire on a car at a checkpoint in the Qasimi area of ​​western Herat province on the 17th. In another incident last week, a woman was shot dead while traveling with her family at a Taliban-run checkpoint in western Kabul’s Tasht-e-Parsi. The incident happened while leaving for a wedding. His father has demanded the arrest of the culprits involved in the incident. People are frozen in shock as crime continues like this.

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