Test again for access? ‘Most of the people are not bothered by it’

Those who are in favor of reintroducing tests for access, all do not notice much more than ‘Less infections’ (in the words of R. de Groot from Lutjebroek), ‘To prevent the country from having to go into lockdown and all care is restored. postponed’ (Joke Reus from Lutjebroek) or ‘Seems to be the least difficult brake’ (anonymous). James van der Gulik from Andijk gives another piece of advice: “And don’t shake hands and just one kiss on the cheek.”

Opponents are more elaborate, although the basis of their reasoning is generally the same. Ed de Heij from Hoorn summarizes the prevailing feeling: “Accept that corona is here. Take your own responsibility and leave society open.” He adds: “Let each decide for himself what protection he or she wants. In case of corona symptoms: stay home!

“People nowadays only get snotty and cold from corona,” notes Bas Rood from Lutjebroek. “Just like with the flu, it is the weak who have to go to the hospital. We also need to keep looking at the economy. Everything has already become very expensive. If we introduce restrictions again, the whole economy will go to shit.”

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There are more people who draw the parallel with the flu. Among them is Jaap Schouten from Wervershoof: “We also do not test whether someone has the flu. Corona and flu are viruses that sometimes make people very sick, but the majority of people are not bothered by them.”


“Testing for access is discrimination and it absolutely does not work against infection, since vaccinated people can get it and pass it on,” says Renske. “In the end, it’s just a false sense of security. We will have to learn to live with the virus.”

“The pandemic is over,” said Rudi Engel. “Non-vulnerable people should no longer be harassed with socially restrictive measures. Why is there an eye for lung covid, but hardly for the much more dangerous consequences – more lost healthy life years – in the field of mental health?

Dirk Roosendaal from Enkhuizen has voted against testing, but seems to want to go further: “If access control is the only step, it will probably be nothing, because there are so many contacts every day. Hopefully hospital admissions will remain low.”

Corry Beers is also against the corona ticket for negative reasons: “I don’t think it makes much sense. People are going to falsify results again and get in. People should be wise themselves and if they feel sick, self-test and stay at home. This way you can avoid full hospitals.”

Finally, B. Groot disproves the reason for our statement: the many sick people after the fair in Venhuizen. “I am a Venhuizener. I know many people who have become ill. Everyone has tested: no corona. It could also just be an old-fashioned flu.”

The new statement is now online. You can vote and leave a motivation using the form below:


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