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Volvo has always liked to be a pioneer: the first with three-point seat belts, the first with a regulated catalytic converter, the first to voluntarily limit their vehicles to 180 km / h. Now they are starting to say goodbye to leather, the new C40, which is being built in Ghent, Belgium, is the first Volvo to feature only vegan materials in the interior. If you want leather, you look into the pipe. The electric XC40, the sister model, will no longer be available with leather seats. The C40, which is nothing more than a coupé variant of the XC40, also only comes with an electric drive, which it borrows from its brother.

That means an electric machine each on the front and rear axles and thus all-wheel drive, the system output adds up to 408 hp, the maximum torque is 680 Newton meters. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.7 seconds. First test drives confirmed a very good start. If the 180 km / h is too much for you, you can use the “Care Key” to limit your car even lower, for example to lend it to the next generation.

For the extensively equipped C40 in the First Edition, Volvo calls a hefty price of 62,050 euros, but including insurance and maintenance. Contrary to the original announcement from Gothenburg that the car can only be ordered online, it can now also be purchased from dealers in the traditional way, where it can be leased or financed. Of course, the subsidy has to be deducted from the price. If that’s still too much for you, you can wait for the front-wheel drive models with only one engine, which are accordingly cheaper.

If the 180 km / h is too much for you, you can limit your car even lower with the “Care Key”.

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Volvo C40

While the exterior of the C40 differs significantly from the XC40 with its sloping rear, the parallels in the interior are greater, even if it is not a 1: 1 implementation. It can always be a little fancier in the coupé. Again, there are no differences in the battery and charging technology. Direct current is processed with a maximum of 150 kW, the battery offers 75 kWh, the range is around 400 kilometers. In comparison, the C40 is almost 3000 euros more expensive than the XC40, but the trunk volume of 412 to 1205 liters hardly differs.



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