Teva is the only company that has not reached a compromise in the opioid case in New York








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She was left alone in the opioid case in New York: All the drug companies against them filed lawsuits for the sale of painkillers that cause addiction and reached an agreement with the authorities except for Teva.

Now the Allergen Group has also reached an agreement with the New York authorities, according to which it will pay $ 200 million because it aggressively marketed powerful painkillers that led to severe addiction of non-terminally ill patients, in what various sources claim led to the addiction and death of more than half a million people.

Allergen will pay the compensation by 2022, it was further stated that the money it will transfer will be allocated to the treatment of drug addicts, and the victims of the “opioid epidemic”. The New York Attorney General said: “No amount of money can compensate for the death or addiction of thousands of people in the state to painkillers, but the money we receive will be used to prevent future destruction.”

Last September, Teva also reached a settlement with the state attorney general of the state of Louisiana, which settles the state’s lawsuits dealing with opioids. The agreement is subject to final approval by the state on November 1st. Under the agreement all the counties in the state release Teva from the claims as part of the arrangement.

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