Tevez, about Messi: “The decision is very well taken”

Tevez, about Messi: “The decision is very well taken”

2023-06-09 04:46:01

The arrival of Lionel Messi al Miami Inter surprised the world. Leo’s departure from Paris Saint Germain It was a certainty, but his future was closely linked to Barcelona’s ability to make him an offer or not. Faced with uncertainty, on the 10th he decided to emigrate to the USA. And one of the many who came out to bank him was Carlos Tevez.

“It seems to me that Leo made a decision knowing and understanding his own situation a bit. He did not want to return to Barcelona and have the salaries of his teammates go down and be the bad guy again. It hurt him more than anyone not to return to Barcelona, ​​which is his home. I think it was all very lukewarm on the part of Barcelona“, commented Tevez, in a chat with F360.

And in this line, the Apache added: “Leo leaned towards the United States league. He likes Miami, it is a peace of mind for him and his family. I think what he did was the right thing to do. If it wasn’t Barcelona, ​​where he knew it was going to be the attraction again, it was nothing in Europe. The decision is very well made“.

Tevez and Messi, in Dallas, in a training session for the National Team.

In May, Tevez had already crossed PSG

A few months ago, in response to the whistling that Messi suffered in the Parque de los Príncipes and the mistreatment by the club, Tevez declared: “I think Messi makes us all humble. If you told me, being a world champion, that I had to apologize for going on a trip when I had a day off, I would go back to Rosario and stay there drinking mates. You have to apologize to me! But Messi puts the club above all. And I think that in that case you have to take off your hat,” said Carlitos, after they sanctioned 10 for his express trip to Saudi Arabia.

In this sense, Carlitos hit the French team: “Later we can say thousands of things about a club that did not take care of him from the first moment he arrived, because it is like that. It will be for the World Cup or for something else, but you can’t treat a player like that who has led PSG to know him. I played against PSG when I was at (Manchester) United and they were in the middle of the table.”

Carlos Tevez 9-6-2023

Tevez defended Messi and hit PSG

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