Thalapathy 67, the inspiration for ‘A History of Violence’? | A History Of Violence | Lokesh – lokesh kanagaraj ready for hollywood remake?

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Not only Tamil cinema, but the Indian cinema world is waiting for this film, the second film of Dalapathy Vijay teaming up with director Lokesh Kanakaraj. The film has been tentatively titled as ‘Dalapati 67’. It is suggested that Trisha will play the heroine in this movie, Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt will play the villain, and Nivin Pauly from Malayalam will be a big star. It was also in the news that Vijay has given a date of 180 days for the film, which is going to start shooting in December. According to new reports, the Tamil media is saying that Lokesh’s film is inspired by the Hollywood film ‘A History of Violence’. In 2005, the Hollywood action thriller A History of Violence, directed by David Cronenberg, featured Viggo Mortisan’s brilliant performance. The film was a great success. Although many films based on this story have come out later, with hit maker Lokesh Vijay in the lead role, fans are hoping that there will be another Lokesh cinematic universe.


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