Thampi and Babu tell the movie, and life | Babu Antony and Thambi Antony | Babu Antony Interview | Thambi Antony Interview

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The film tells the story of actor Babu Antony and writer, actor and producer Thampi Antony. These brothers are making another journey through the paths they have walked since childhood.

Thampi and Babu, who are permanent residents of the United States, find it a rare experience to talk together because of the variety of topics they talk about. The changes in cinema, life and society during their lifetime are discussed.

From famine to headmaster is the topic of discussion here. The two will be teaming up for the lead role in the film adaptation of Karur’s short story ‘Pothichoru’. Headmaster is a film produced by Srilal Devraj and directed by Rajeev Nath under the banner of Channel Five.

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