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It was before the time of ingratitude. It was when we didn’t take everything for granted. When we didn’t think we were owed everything. It was, on the contrary, at the time when we had toiled hard in the fields, when we had stumped our bones to the point of splitting, that we had turned the earth, planted the seeds, tended the shoots, then reaped the harvest. We had relied only on ourselves and, a little a lot, on the sun and the rain.

Still, we stopped for a moment, in October, to express our gratitude. We said we thanked God. That we gave him thanks. Without a doubt. It was a way of saying that we thanked nature, the earth, the family. His own good health, too. Everything that had ensured that we would spend the hard winter ahead with enough to eat and heat. At Thanksgiving, if the harvest was good, we were in a state of grace.

Can the city-dwellers that we have become today look to the work accomplished in the past year and give thanks? It must. Critical thinking is a beautiful and good thing, but it often prevents us from recognizing that by concentrating on what is wrong, we do not notice that it grows around us beauty, justice. , progress, reasons to be happy.

Here are my main reasons for giving thanks to the Quebec harvest this year. Loose and out of order.

Félix and Leylah. Appeared as appearances on our radar screen in September, Félix Auger-Aliassime (21) and Leylah Fernandez (19) qualify for the four-quarter of the United States Tennis Open. Breathtaking, magnificent, eloquent.

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Eight minutes. The time for the standing ovation reserved for our filmmaker Denis Villeneuve after viewing his film Dune. Eight minutes. All the same !

84 %. The double vaccination rate of eligible Quebecers.

Mirror. The melodious refrain of the Cowboy Fringants song of the year, simple and penetrating: “It’s so sad that sometimes when I come home / Worse Iparke my old truck / I can see all of America crying / In my rearview mirror… ”

Growth. Not only does Cœur de pirate become an entrepreneur and record company takeover, but she invites Alexandra Stréliski to touch the piano in her last song.

Still. Adèle who still chooses Xavier Dolan for her new clip, shot in Sutton.

Place taken. Mélissa Bédard. Of Star Ac To Can you hear me ? and at the Week of 4 Julie, a Quebec star imposes his talent and his difference.

Audacity. Spousal anti-violence discourse in excellent Beautiful Malaise 2.0. Thanks Martin Matte.

Number 1. The place occupied by the French version of the most listened to shows in France on Thursday evenings. Runaway, broadcast on TF1. If Michelle Allen’s extraordinarily educational series can reduce sexual exploitation throughout the Francophonie, it will already be taken.

Talent. Julie Le Breton. (Like every year.)

Zero oil.The four parties represented in the National Assembly are now unanimous: there must no longer be any exploration or exploitation of gas or oil in Quebec. A consensus unthinkable just four years ago.

100 % CPE. Likewise, the four parties are now asserting that early childhood centers, rather than private daycares, must be the model for the places to come, which the PLQ and CAQ strongly contested barely three years ago. The model inspired by Camil Bouchard, promoted by Lucien Bouchard and implemented by Pauline Marois is now a consensus, to the point that its export to the rest of Canada was an issue of the federal election campaign.

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Surprise. The Canadian in the Stanley Cup final! Wow!

There are also reasons to celebrate things that did not happen.

Zero conspiracy. We had a federal election, admittedly unnecessary, but during which the worst acts of violence were the crushing of an egg on the head of Maxime Bernier and the sending of gravel in the direction of Justin Trudeau. Better still: no one claimed that the election was rigged, that the votes were stolen, that the Russians, the Chinese or the ghost of Hugo Chávez had perverted the process. No horde of excited people invaded parliament to express their anger.

Great Escape. Justin Trudeau was not re-elected in the majority, Erin O’Toole did not become prime minister, the Beaucerons refused to send Maxime to Parliament. And Ottawa will not participate financially in the construction of the third link. See? There are electoral reasons to give thanks.

It does not have a price. The horrible series on a stupid sovereign Quebec, The Blue House, which seems inspired by the speeches of Jean Chrétien, was nominated for Gemini, but fortunately received no award.

Hose clogged. The LNG Quebec gas project will not take place, ducked by the BAPE and buried by the CAQ. Who would’ve believed that ?

And the harvest?

60 %. The percentage of Montrealers who now grow fruits and vegetables on their balconies or in their little green areas. The Quebec metropolis is now the world capital of urban agriculture, overtaking Toronto, New York and Paris in terms of the number of agricultural businesses. The pandemic has further accelerated the process. On the urban tables of Quebec, at the beginning of October, we can give thanks to nature, to the sun, to our labor, to the harvest. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

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