Thanks to bismuth? “The Masked Singer” increases the rating gap against “Survival”

Thanks to bismuth?  “The Masked Singer” increases the rating gap against “Survival”

Last week, the 2022 World Cup soccer games ended, which made Israeli viewers glued to their screens. Last Saturday, just before Argentina defeated France in a game that will not be forgotten, the commercial channels launched new seasons for two major formats – “The Masked Singer” on “Keshet 12”, “Survival” on “Network 13”, when the musical reality show won. Last night, the two major programs Returned to the battle arena and the “masked singer” widened the gap.

The broadcast days of the soccer World Cup games constitute a weak period in Israeli commercial television, when many viewers migrate to the public broadcasting corporation to watch the games, leaving “Keshet 12” and “Network 13” with relatively low ratings. During this period, for the most part, the commercial channels also choose not to broadcast large and prestigious formats, due to the difficulty of attracting viewers to the global football celebration. Now, it seems that the commercial channels are entering a battle of giants.

The masked singer promo, courtesy of Keshet

In the launch episode, last Saturday, “Keshet 12” aired a new and third season of the successful reality show “The Masked Singer” with the panel of judges including Shahar Hasson, Ofira Esseig, Tsadi Sarfati, Static and Ben-El Tabori, and the opening episode of the season presented a figure of 18.9 percent rating and 496 thousand viewers. In front of him, the launch of the new season of “Survival”, which returned this season to anonymous contestants after several seasons of VIP, on “Network 13”, received 15.2 percent and 428 thousand viewers. Last night, Keshet’s reality show began to establish a lead.

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The second episode of “The Masked Singer”, in which it is revealed that the character of the cat is played by Knesset member Boaz Bismuth, after Ofira Essig hinted three months ago on the “Ofira and Berkovich” show that she and Bismuth would cause “the earth to shake”. The episode in question brought “Keshet 12” 18.6 percent ratings and 570 thousand viewers, a particularly impressive figure, which is a drop of only 0.3 percent from the opening episode.

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Interview with Maya Kay at the launch of “Survival” (Photo: Kits Barbner)

At the same time, the prestigious “Network 13” reality show, Survival, presented a third episode, in which the first elimination took place, and suffered a much more significant drop than last week, concluding the evening with only 10.7 percent and 314 thousand viewers. At the same time, in “Kan 11” they chose to put a rebroadcast of “Taboo” with Hanoch Daum in front of the big shows, and were satisfied with a figure of 2.6 percent and only 62.2 thousand viewers.

In the news section, last night the Keshet 12 edition, which received a 13.9 percent rating and 412 thousand viewers, led the “Network 13” edition, which received a 7.6 percent rating and 232 thousand viewers, while the “Kan 11” news edition received 3.6 percent and 98 thousand viewers scouts


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