Thanks to the home win premiere – Kramer saves himself in the winter break – Bundesliga

Completely hoarse, but happy and joyful …

With Arminia’s first “threesome” on the Alm for almost eight months (April 20 / 1-0 against relegated Schalke) head coach Frank Kramer (49) silenced his critics for the time being.

Thanks to the home win premiere. Kramer saves himself for the winter break.

The fact is: Due to the hard-fought 2-0 win against Bochum, he (he) is stuck in the saddle again for the time being. Because the game at the end of the year at RB Leipzig (Saturday, 3:30 p.m.) is considered a bonus game in Bielefeld.

Photo: Ralf Meier / BILD

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Arminias Okugawa climbs higher than Bochum’s Gamboa and heads in for the Bielefeld leadershipPhoto: Ralf Meier / BILD

While the Ostwestfalen almost lost connection to the safe shore in a bankruptcy against VfL, new hope is now germinating. Kramer, who had been given loud whistles by the fans before the game: “Of course you can feel the pressure. I would be lying if I said otherwise. “

And further with a croaking voice: “We are all the more pleased that we were able to prove to ourselves and to everyone else: We are still alive. We are still there! “

Defense chief Amos Pieper (23) was also relieved: “Team, trainer, employee – everyone here is a team. We played for ourselves, not for an individual. This is the only way we can maintain the league. “

Bislang ist's nur ein schönes Gerücht, aber... Angeblich bemüht sich Arminia um die erneute Ausleihe von Japan-Stürmer Ritu Doan (Mitte)Foto: Alamy Live News.

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So far it’s just a good rumor, but … Apparently Arminia is trying to get Japan striker Ritu Doan on loan again (center)Foto: Alamy Live News.

Perhaps even better if this reinforcement should actually come about in the second half of the season. Rumor has it that Arminia is trying to get Japan striker Ritsu Doan (23) back on loan, who has only made nine appearances at Feyenoord Rotterdam. Only two of them over 90 minutes …



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