“That another bomb could explode”

“That another bomb could explode”

2023-06-04 22:08:10

The terrorists who attacked José María Aznar on José Silva street used a large quantity of explosives: more than 63 kilos of amosal in a pot with half a kilo of rubber-2. The explosion caused 19 injuries, but the PP leader was unharmed.

However, he had a concern, as he later recalled on the radio: “At that moment I thought there was only one more risk and that is the risk of another bomb exploding. It was a few seconds… maybe the worst seconds. That another bomb could go off,” he explained.

However, he said, “when he saw that a few seconds had passed,” he asked the driver to try to see if the vehicle door could be opened. The driver, Estanislao Cumplido, remembers that then the escort who was traveling in the passenger seat broke the window with the butt of the pistol. “I couldn’t get out, so I jumped over the seat and out the door ahead”, Aznar recounted in his day.

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