That time stolen from the girls to the beauty of our life

twelve o’clock, 27 March 2021 – 20:52

In the school, the only time lost and to be returned, on the occasion of the summer, must be that outdoors, to be dedicated perhaps to cinema, theater, music, books

of Giancarlo Visitilli

There is a denied time and a secret time. A distant time that the stuff of others. A moment when it was better to leave, and that time when the two of us it was better to talk to each other. These are the verses of a poem-song by Ivano Fossati, they seem written for women, men, girls, boys and teenagers, who live in denied time. For many months. The one that is “distant” but which cannot be the stuff of others, because time concerns us. In the school, the only time lost and to be returned, on the occasion of the summer, must be that outdoors: to be dedicated to beauty, perhaps to cinema, theater, music, the meeting with the artists and authors of books, to give back its meaning to time. There are many teachers who go beyond their school time and make the days different. Like Daniela Grimaldi: I would like to turn into the Hulk to defeat the villain who is robbing you of your most precious treasure: time. When you know that you can’t go to school, and composed, with tears in your eyes you turn your back to me, the worst thing is that you don’t ask any more questions, you don’t ask why. You don’t grow up just by learning to read and write, you grow up with others, playing, losing, getting dirty. I’m sorry for what you are forced to accept. I wish I could have done more, and I hope you will understand one day. The headmaster Patrizia Rossini, of the time, argues: Between openings, closures, monitoring, provisional, definitive organizations and then dismantled and reorganized. Everything and the opposite of everything. Even in an emergency, the school is ready to redefine itself, to keep the relationship with the students alive, to give the possible, the impossible and sometimes to come close to miracles. Including those of a time that expands and goes beyond that of tradesmen. So the teacher Annalisa Cileo also takes care of the evening time of her children: Before bedtime or during the snack I tell stories. At first I sent them what I found on the net, then they asked to tell them in my voice. A way to reassure themselves, in a time of great absence and far from their way of understanding school. The time of the student who is ashamed to say that she has no connection at home and her teacher, Patrizia Giammetti, who buys what the student needs with the teacher bonus. But can you not tell? Because my husband doesn’t even know, I had to tell the principal, just because the school provided the connection: daughter of separated parents and with a mother who does not work.
Who will care about the time to make up with the many we have disconnected from school? There are those who have also made the time of the game that to be voluntarily made available: To overcome the isolation and consequent depression of some – says Professor Francesca Ventola – I have reinvented a series of digital board games. In the evening, after dinner, I gather the class for an hour to play. The boys are sick. Which is why we have to make up for that one time that the two of us had better talk to each other. To be clear on the useful time to recover.

March 27, 2021 | 20:52

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