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Mancini is right when he says that Italy can win the European Championships, but he knows he is saying something undetermined. The general anomaly lies in the times. For three years we have only been in qualifying matches, that is, the first against the others. What can be said, and importantly, that only two teams finished the qualifiers with all victories, were Italy and Belgio di Lukaku, Hazard, De Bruyne e Tielemans. If we broaden the spectrum and look for undefeated teams, we find two more, Spain and Ukraine. L’England he lost one.

This is a proven basis of consideration. I think it is right not to give too much importance to the very recent Nations Cup, which happened by chance in the midst of the calendars and where Italy went unnoticed anyway. To learn more, we must take into account that the Europeans are a tournament with few variables, everyone knows everyone and plays everywhere in Europe. The national teams are now islands where refugees from different leagues arrive. The City has only five Brits in its 24 base players, United also. We have been schooling each other for twenty years. this which caused the great South American block to expire, forced only to give us players, never to take them. From a tactical point of view we will therefore see similar matches, very advanced, balanced and therefore tense, not very spectacular. Rational matches. There will be no real supremacy, they will decide a gesture, a mistake, the final penalty shootout.

The Europeans don’t have a real favorite. In the fifteen editions there have been ten winning teams including USSR, Greece and Denmark, teams never appeared again. for this importance of the casual that alongside a certain team base serves a base of great occasional players. Italy has a fair number of them. To understand each other, there are no more than four or five great forwards, Mbapp, Kane, Lukaku, Lewandowski, forse Ronaldo. A generation of possible champions is growing up capable of deciding the game with a gesture. For example Church, Kean, Joao Felix, Foden, Havertz, Sancho, Greenwood, the Hungarian Szoboszlai, Ansu Fati se recuperer, the same eventual Zaniolo. And a large group of mature players with decisive experience and genius. Here we are in good shape with Verratti, Berardi, Spinazzola, the same boy Kean and above all Barella who must be considered an extraordinary atypical, in the sense that he plays well everywhere and has no comparisons in Europe. So yes, we can start responding to Mancini and tell us that we can try to win, maybe we have to. the right time.

We are no longer a young Italy, Mancini arrived three years ago, the pandemic has expanded the wait, today the boy Verratti is 28 years old, Insigne, Immobile and Florenzi 30, Jorginho 29, Berardi 27, not to mention Bonucci and Chiellini. The base grew even without playing, now ready for the result. first between four or five equal, he has few who score goals for a living, many who can invent it. More than us in the qualifiers only Belgium scored, 40 goals to 37. The most difficult part will be the elimination rounds, Turkey and Switzerland as the beginning are a dirt road. But if we win it in the second round, Ukraine should touch us and Belgium, a great team with little history, always misses a match. In the meantime, half of the other favorites will have eliminated themselves.

The real problem for Italy that needs to always play fast. We don’t have enough physique to keep the ball in the middle of the pitch, but we have the technique to go beyond pressing by jumping the opponent. If you touch the ball too many times you are like others with less body. Last limit, we lack the easy goals. Immobile a solitary hunter, rarely has the position of a center forward who plays between two wings. The best Belotti. Caputo’s surprise entrances could be important. All variables that still lead to a privilege.

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