The 14-year-old girl whom the circuit issued returned to the juvenile structure

The 14-year-old girl whom the circuit issued returned to the juvenile structure

The 14-year-old girl who lived in was found at noon on Tuesday institution accommodation for minors in Nea Smyrni and became a victim of pimping by a ring that issued her for 100 euros. The girl, whose tracks had been lost, was located by authorities and returned to the structure. At this time, according to the first information, he is reporting to the authorities.

The activity of the pimping ring was revealed by a social worker.

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The revelation of the circuit and the role of a 30-year-old

According to the information, the ring of pedophiles often took the underage student from the institution and returned her after a few hours.

Other girls staying at the institution reported to the social worker that the 14-year-old was having contact with a 30-year-old man.

Afterwards, the child confided in the social worker that she was in a hotel in the center of Athens with three men, with one of whom she even found herself locked in a room for hours.

The €100 deal

In fact, the minor girl, talking to her sister, said that she has agreed with the 30-year-old to be extradited for 100 euros. As he said, they will provide her with an additional house in the area of ​​Elefsina, where the sexual relations will take place, clothes and underwear.

Immediate Action was immediately informed by the social worker, with the police locating the men’s car and arresting at least 4 people, for rape and pimping of a minor.

They were taking videos of the minor girl

According to information, the perpetrators were allegedly recorded raping the child. The police found on the mobile phone of one of the three arrested a video and several photos with the scenes of the rape of the minor.

As they themselves claimed in their testimony, the footage of the horror was taken last Sunday night, when the three men met the 14-year-old in a hotel in Metaxourgeio. The two allegedly raped the minor and the third filmed the sexual abuse of the girl.

They, of course, claim in their testimony that everything happened with the consent of the 14-year-old. They claim they had sex with her and never gave her any money.

Heavy charges against those arrested

Based on the evidence in the case file, the prosecutor brought charges against the three arrested, as the case may be, prosecution for pimpingsexual acts with minors and child pornography.

After the prosecution, they were referred to an investigator before whom they will apologize in the coming days and their further criminal treatment will be decided.

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