The 40 gray sharks of Lampione

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A documentary by the underwater director Riccardo Cingillo about the population of the islet near Lampedusa that has been coming for years at the end of summer to raise the young and feed among these clear and fish-rich shoals is out | Courier TV

Canale di Sicilia, a true lung of biodiversity still intact. Since last July, Sicilian experts, supported by a grant from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, have mapped life on the seabed of the small rock of Lampione, an islet south of Lampedusa, where the presence of a population of about 40 sharks was already known. grays that have been returning for years on time at the end of summer to raise their young and feed among these clear and fishy shoals. The sharks of Lampione, signed by the underwater director Riccardo Cingillo will soon become a documentary that will be presented at the Amp headquarters in Lampedusa between July and September, together with a code of conduct for sustainable tourism, urgent to reconcile the presence of divers, fishermen and protect the life of sharks. “With a group of Unipa researchers last July, coordinated by the biologist Marco Milazzo”, says Cingillo, “we started shooting the video to document the habits of the small community of gray sharks. A rather unique phenomenon in the Mediterranean, these sharks, harmless to humans, they come from the Tunisian coasts to raise their young, it is essential to preserve their habitat with precise rules of behavior, already adopted in similar cases in other marine reserves around the world “. (Maria Laura Crescimanno)


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