The 9-euro ticket ends: That’s why the Bahn employees breathe a sigh of relief | free press

While the offer was very popular with travellers, Deutsche Bahn employees made three crosses at the end of the month: the real rush to public transport overburdened staff and material.


According to the EVG union, most rail employees are happy that the 9-euro ticket is coming to an end. The 9-euro ticket is a success, “but the employees are finished and will make three crosses on August 31 when the ticket expires,” said deputy union boss Martin Burkert of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.

“We want a significant expansion of local transport with low prices,” stressed Burkert. But before there is a successor solution for the 9-euro ticket, there must be an implementation commission with the participation of employee representatives. Because staff and material are overloaded by the rush.

Train attendants get frustrated from the passengers

At the end of July, the vice chairman of the railway and transport union (EVG) said that the workforce had reached the load limit and in some cases exceeded it. The train drivers’ union GDL had made a similar statement. The background is also that train attendants in particular felt the frustration of passengers due to cancellations and delays.

For three months, millions of people traveled all over Germany with the 9-euro ticket in buses and regional trains. The discount campaign ends at the end of August. Whether there will be a follow-up offer is currently being hotly debated. (dpa)


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