The accused of killing her boyfriend in Águilas discharges responsibility on a suspect already exonerated

The accused leaves the court accompanied by her defense attorney, Evaristo Llanos. / nacho garcia / agm

The popular jury will move to Águilas for the reconstruction of the murder of the alleged mafioso Giuseppe Nirta

Alice Black

There were many names that sounded but finally the Provincial Court began the trial on Monday for the shooting murder of the Italian Giuseppe Nirta -alleged member of the ‘Ndrangheta’- with his girlfriend, Cristina Elena T., as the only person responsible. The defendant, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office demands sentences that add up to 26 years in prison for alleged crimes of murder and illegal possession of weapons, will testify this Tuesday, although her defense attorney, Evaristo Llanos, already advanced in the first session that the suspect, of Romanian nationality, continues to staunchly defend his innocence.

The woman, who is on probation, discharges responsibility for the crime on Giuliano Velo, an old acquaintance of the State security forces and bodies who was even imprisoned for his alleged relationship with this murder but who ended up being exonerated. The defense lawyer remarked, in his presentation before the popular jury that must deliver a verdict, that Giuliano was on prison leave the weekend that Nirta was killed and maintained that this permission was granted outside of the Prison Surveillance judge.

Llanos maintained that during the police investigation of this case “serious errors” were made and remarked that there are only conjectures against the suspect. “I would defend her if she were the devil,” he maintained, “but she is not.”

The prosecutor, Arantzazu Echeandia, was convinced, for her part, that the numerous existing evidence will manage throughout the trial to convince the jury of the suspect’s guilt. “All these tests in the end are going to speak for Giuseppe,” she insisted. The representative of the Public Ministry, who at some point was visibly moved, asked the jury to take into account the impact that the crime had on Nirta’s relatives. “She also ended the life of her mother, her family, his friends… who will never speak to him again.”

The lawyer for the private prosecution, Pedro Hernández Bravo, also emphasized the damage caused to the mother of the deceased, whom he represents. She is, he stressed, an 80-year-old woman who experienced the loss of her son with pain. The lawyer also argued that “the evidence is overwhelming.”

At the end of this Monday’s session, the presiding magistrate, Concepción Roig, was in favor of accepting the transfer of the jury one day to the El Charcón aquiline area so that its members can form a better idea of ​​how the crime occurred.


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