The action of the thrilled policeman – the video of the woman’s life being saved

A police officer who acted swiftly in a situation where a death could have occurred even if it was delayed by a second, the video that saved the woman’s life has been spreading and getting praise on social media sites.

It is necessary to be very careful when trains arrive at railway station platforms. This is because there is a great risk of getting stuck between the platform and the trains. Any catastrophe can occur if this danger is not realized and kept at a safe distance. Many like this have already been crushed to death by trains stuck in the platform space while getting on and off the trains.

No matter how much awareness the railway department has created, many passengers continue to act with indifference. A female passenger who acted similarly negligently survived the sudden action of a Railway Security Force soldier who was there at the time of her death.

The Chandrakachi-Anand Vihar Express, which arrived at Purulia Railway Station in West Bengal on November 29, dropped off its passengers and departed from there. As the train was speeding, two female passengers who were supposed to get off at Purulia train station jumped on the platform with their belongings from the train running in an emergency regardless of the speed of the train.

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The woman who landed first jumped slightly off the platform. However he jumped from the fast moving train and fell down. Another woman who jumped from the train following him was trapped in the gap between the train and the platform as she stepped close to the tracks. The girl, who was supposed to have been dragged into the tracks at the speed of the train, was rescued by the Railway Security Force soldier Pablo Kumar.

If only the railway security guard Pablo had not rescued the woman, the woman might have been unlucky. Meanwhile, RPF soldier Pablo, who saved the woman’s life, was praised by passengers and fellow officers at the train station. The woman gets off the train, falls down and saves Pablo, according to CCTV footage from the train station platform. This video is currently being praised on the Internet.

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