The acts of Queen Letizia multiply in the same week that the Infanta Elena resumes her official activity

The acts of Queen Letizia multiply in the same week that the Infanta Elena resumes her official activity

2023-06-06 13:22:06

After last week the agenda of the Royal House was reduced due to the electoral campaign and different family events -such as the graduation of Princess Leonor in Wales and the confirmation of Infanta Sofía in Madrid-, both the King Felipe VI like Doña Letizia have seen their agendas increase during this week.

In the case of Mrs. Letizia his acts have doubled both alone and together with King Felipe VI. During this morning he has presided over the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the FAD Youth Foundation, held in the Telefónica District in Madrid. This foundation analyzes aspects that affect the development of youth, focusing on aspects such as their health and well-being, as well as employment, emancipation, gender and values.

The queen will resume her agenda on Wednesday to preside over the closing ceremony of the XV convocation of ‘Euros from your Salary‘, an initiative of Banco Santander that seeks to recognize and reward social projects aimed at improving the quality of life of people in situations of social vulnerability.

Finally, Their Majesties preside over the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Princess of Girona Foundationin the Zarzuela Palace.

This foundation arose more than a decade ago with the aim of being an aid in all critical aspects of youth development and support to overcome the barriers that young people find in their incorporation into society, as well as for the benefit of it, promoting in this way, in addition, the social and human values ​​that are so important today in a changing world. Since its inception, the foundation has been offering help young people in their training and in their training for job search for which they have prepared.

Infanta Elena resumes her official activity

Parallel to the agenda of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, and as happened last year, the infanta elena will present this Tuesday the award ceremony of the XXXII edition of the ‘Children’s and Youth Painting Contest for School Centers‘ of National Heritage.

Doña Elena will present the awards of this contest for the 2022-2023 academic year, which aims to involve the youngest in the dissemination of the monuments, palaces, monasteries and gardens that make up the institution through its plastic expression.

The contest has two categories, primary (5th and 6th) and ESO (1st and 2nd), from public, concerted, private and special education centers located within the national territory.

All participating students will obtain a diploma accrediting their participation in the contest and all participating centers will be awarded a diploma for their work in dissemination of historical-artistic heritage.

In addition, the awarded centers will be given a collection of publications on National Heritage and the teachers of the awarded students will be given a participation diploma and a collection of publications on the organization.

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