The AEI allocates 31 million to projects against Alzheimer’s

The AEI allocates 31 million to projects against Alzheimer’s

2023-09-22 01:40:24

The State Investigation Agency (AEI) has allocated more than 31 million euros to finance research projects related to fight against Alzheimer’s.

On the occasion of the celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day, the AEI reports that in the last five years (2018-2022) it has funded 181 research projects that seek therapeutic solutions to this dementia.

Dementia is the result of various diseases and injuries that affect the brain. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and can account for 60% to 70% of cases. According to data managed by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 55 million people suffer from dementia worldwide and 9.9 million new cases are diagnosed every year, which translates into one new case. every 3 seconds.

In Spain, some 800,000 people suffer from Alzheimer’s and in 2050 it is expected that two million people will be affected.

The main cause of dementia

In Spain, according to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), some 800,000 people suffer from Alzheimer’s and in 2050 there will be two million affected. The SEN warns that it is not only the main cause of dementia worldwide, but also the disease that generates greater disability in older people in Spain and, therefore, with one of the highest social expenses.

Given the evidence that Alzheimer’s is one of the major causes of disability and dependencies in older people, the director of the State Research Agency, Domènec Espriu, highlights that “basic and applied research is essential to face current and future challenges. For this disease this is especially relevant when exploring and validating different approaches where there is still no treatment.”

New biotechnological applications

Among the projects financed by the AEI, the research being carried out at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) to identify biomarkers of neuronal activity that serve as an ‘alert’ of cognitive deterioration and, in this way, achieve an early diagnosis that allows a rapid approach to the disease.

Another promising research project is Taupathias. Lincbiotech researchers, spin-off of the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS), the Technological Center of Telecommunications Foundation of Galicia and the Health Research Institute Foundation of Santiago de Compostela are developing new diagnostic and therapeutic tools through monoclonal antibodieswhich will open the door to the development of biotechnological applications that will range from diagnosis in vitro to immunotherapy.

An innovative strategy to treat both Alzheimer’s disease and neuropathic pain It is also among the projects supported by the AEI in its line of action against dementia. Specifically, researchers from the University of Barcelona are testing a new therapeutic target more effective than the few drugs that now treat the serious symptoms associated with both pathologies and will also reduce adverse effects.

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