The Algerian Mounir Bouchenaki from UNESCO as ambassador of the BMTA in the world

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The Algerian archaeologist Mounir Bouchenaki is the new ambassador of the Mediterranean Exchange of archaeological tourism in the world and honorary president of the Paestum review, the only one in the world in the sector. The appointment, on the proposal of the director and founder of the Stock Exchange, Ugo Picarelli, was shared by the promoters of the exhibition: the Campania Region, the Municipality of Capaccio and the Archaeological Park of Paestum-Velia who wanted to give him recognition for what was done for the Salerno territory and legitimize his constant role as ambassador of the BMTA in the world.

As director of cultural heritage and then as director of the Unesco World Heritage Center, Bouchenaki ratified the final investigation for inclusion in the World Heritage List in 1997 of the Amalfi Coast and in 1998 of the Cilento National Park with the archaeological areas of Paestum and Velia and the Certosa di Padula) and as Deputy Director General for Culture of Unesco, as Director General of ICCOM and as Special Advisor to the Director General of Unesco, he accredited the BMTA to the Ministers of Tourism and Culture of all continents, favoring the participation of many together with the leaders of the UNWTO in Madrid and increasing the international scientific level since the first edition in 1998.

Since 1988 Bouchenaki has participated in the activities of the Stock Exchange both as an expert and as a speaker. “I am particularly happy with the appointment –says the Algerian archaeologist- because I have always considered the Paestum Stock Exchange a valuable international best practice to develop intercultural dialogue through the enhancement of the archaeological heritage. Today, twenty-three years later, it demonstrates how the will to safeguard the historical and cultural heritage of peoples has become a priority ”.

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